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Q Where do you take the dogs?
A We go to a beautiful farm about 3 miles outside Ann Arbor located on Ellis Road
Q How big of an area do the dogs get to play and run in? Is it fenced?
A The dogs have a one acre, completely fenced area to run and play in. About 25 % of the fenced area is heavily tree lined for plenty of shade as well!
Q Is water available for the dogs?
A Of course! There is a pump in the fenced area for unlimited fresh water.
Q Will my dog be safe?
A Yes, I have over 9 years of professional experience handling dogs without ever having a severe injury.
Q Will this improve my dog’s behavior?
A Chances are it will. Through the years I’ve had numerous customers remark about how much better their dog’s behavior is or how much more confidence their dog has. Dogs need exercise, discipline, and love in that order and that’s what I provide.
Q What is the difference between your service and doggy day care?
A The differences are many: I pick up and drop off your dog - most doggy day cares do not offer this or charge extra if they do. Our play area is one acre, on grass, and outside - doggy day cares have much smaller play areas that are indoor and on hard floors. I also provide a much more personalized experience - where a doggy day care might have up to 50 dogs, I have far less ensuring that your dog gets the attention he or she needs.
Q Does your van have air conditioning?
A You bet!
Q How long will my dog be gone?
A 1.5 to 4 hours - depending on where you live in Ann Arbor.
Q I have a very erratic schedule and don’t need regular service, can you still service me?
A Yes, you just pay the slightly higher “varying schedules” rate.


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