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My husband and I have two giant labradors who are the loves of our lives. We have very busy schedules that make exercise during the week a challenge. Our boys have been going to an off leash park with Scott Kett for 5 years. They absolutely adore him! They climb into the dog van with all of their pals and head off for a romp three times a week. They come home exhausted. Over the years, one has gone blind and the other has had occasional joint problems. But, Scott knows them like his own pet and is always on top of their needs. He knows all of their personality quirks and their favorite activities. I trust him 100% to keep them happy and safe. We could not imagine life without Scott's excellent service. I give his name and number to everyone I know with pets!
Jenna Hirsch


"Scott has provided walks and playtime to our pets for many years. It is a testament to his patience and skill with dogs that he has been a loved friend of greyhounds, a shar pei, a pug and our latest family member, a Lhasa Apso. He is eternally patient with over-protective dog parents and makes our lives and our pets lives work for all of us. We would recommend to anyone who wants excellent care for their pets."
Rick & Jackie Kurtz


We adopted our dog Dylan from a shelter four years ago. He was three at the time, and had been in the shelter down in Hillsdale for months before he was sent to Ann Arbor. When we first brought him home he didn't bark, for weeks, not a sound. Then I found Scott's website and engaged him to walk Dylan while we were at work. After a few weeks Scott suggested that Dylan might enjoy going to the dog park with other dogs. Well, he barks now. You've never seen a dog so happy. He rides in a the car with all his buddies, is really well socialized, gets plenty of exercise and is not bored or lonely all day in an empty house. I think it's made him a well adjusted, well behaved dog.
Elyse Rubin is a full-service professional business, with integrity and commitment to both the dog and the dog-owner. Although a business, with clearly described services, policies, and price structures, is also -- importantly -- a person. Over the past four years, I have come to know Scott as a trusted professional, who I allow to have access to my home and pet. Scott has the innate strength and integrity that I expect of any provider of personal services. When our elderly dog was declining with cancer, my family was comforted in knowing that Scott was available, at any time, to help."
Dave Burke

I cannot recommend Scott highly enough. He has provided an invaluable service to my family for the past two years, when we adopted an energetic Labrador puppy. I needed someone to take my puppy out for a break during the day, as while as provide more exercise than I was capable of providing during the work week. I interviewed several pet walkers, Scott was the most professional and offered the best service. My Lab loves going to the park to play with all of his friends – he comes back absolutely exhausted (a rare sight for any Lab owner), relaxed, and happy. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my Lab is in great care, and receives lots of attention while I’m working. It’s incredibly convenient too. Scott comes to my house to pick up my dog - I don’t have to drive my dog to an expensive day-care. Scott has been great to work with – very reliable even on the snowiest of days, very accommodating with our schedules, and extremely courteous. My family and I really appreciate him and how much he cares for our dog.
Tracy Smith

Scott and the services he provides have been incredibly valuable to us. Every day for the past year, he has faithfully picked up my beagle Sophie and taken her to play for an hour with the other dogs at the dog park. This means that when I get home after a long day of work, I have a happy and tired dog on my hands – not the crazed lunatic who is bouncing off the walls after she’s been sitting inside at home all day. I also love not having to worry about what she’s found to entertain herself with in our apartment. Scott is one-hundred percent reliable and extremely professional – I feel completely confident leaving Sophie in his care. He goes above and beyond the call of duty: whenever I see Scott, he updates me on Sophie’s latest behaviors and who she likes to play with at the park, and it’s clear that he is really interested in and cares about each one of the dogs. Sophie herself provides the best testament to this service: when I’ve seen her watch Scott’s van pull up, she runs to the door and wags until he opens it, and then jumps into the van. I can’t imagine what we would do without this service – it’s made life better for everyone.
Susie Hininiker




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